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Catering and Drinks


We like you to have flexibility in how your wedding is organised, therefore we encourage and welcome you to use a caterer of  your choice for the food at your wedding. We can provide you with a list of trusted, local caterers we have previously worked alongside with. 


The barn provides a great space for your wedding banquet  or utilise the gardens to have a picnic wedding.  We have plenty of space for food trucks to access,  park and cater for your reception. 


Couples can supply their own non-alcoholic and alcohol drinks to share with  guests and we do not charge any corkage fees. We will provide you with bar staff to serve the drinks for the duration of the event. We welcome you to supply wine, beer and ready mixed alcoholic drinks but no spirits please. Guests are not to BYO. *

*A special liquor licence will be required if you want to sell the alcohol to guests, we can provide advice to you about relevant regulatory requirements.

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