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General Information 


We can offer onsite parking for 50 cars or mini-vans only. You enter our property via a small bridge which therefore limits the use of large vehicles onto the property. If you choose to have a bus bring your guests to the venue, they will need to drop your guests at the bottom of the driveway. Buses can then park further to the entry end of Waiaute Road, away from The Quarter Acre cafe so as not to disturb the traffic flow of their business. 


We include games for entertainment during the day time for you and your guests. We provide you with a large music system which is AUX and bluetooth compatible for you to connect your own device via bluetooth and have your own music for the evening. We are also happy for you to hire a DJ or a band with their own equipment for the evenings entertainment. To abide by noise regulations which this area we must have the bass down low or turned off from 10.30pm on wards and the music must cease at 11.30pm with no exceptions.

Our Role

  • We can assist you with the ceremony and reception planning process and, with our knowledge of the grounds, can offer ideas of how-to layout your wedding and how to best run the day

  • We will be available for each site visit to guide and help you plan through your needs for the big day

  • Can give you advice on how best to hang any outdoor lighting

  • We can be setting up along side of you the day before or the morning of your wedding

  • Assisting you in other areas where you require us

Safety Information 

The property has a large lake, several ponds and a fast flowing river running through it. Children must be always supervised while at the Atwood Gardens property. At no time are they to be left alone to wander the property.


While the garden is not suitable for those with significant mobility problems, a large portion of the garden can be covered by vehicle. Talk to us about how we can assist you with your needs. 

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Toni Larson Photography
Toni Larson Photography
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